Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I had been in medication for the past few months since September. I was even advised to take a breather while undergoing medication. However, as a single parent, taking a halt is never an option. I just know i have to go on. Finding a way to cure myself had opened a new door of journey for me. Then lately, i have been taking a medicine that somehow had been a big help. But then, there is one turn that somehow have helped me take big leap towards further curing my self. You know what that is? Self conviction. I can make it through. Positive insight. Day by day i am learning how to relax. I am even finding my self humming a song in between calls. Just a while ago, while in the grocery i am even singing a christmas song. Life is not so bad! Eighteen years ago, i faced one of the biggest challenge in my life. That challenge was raising my son alone. My son is now in college. I made it through those years. I can still make it for more years. Yes, life is not easy but it is fine. I was able to cope the biggest storm so far. I can make it through now as well. Have a nice day!!

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entitle: Your Smile Is My Laughter

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