Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday was my day-off from work and it is on days like these when i could attend to the things that i have to do. Like yesterday was my schedule for a medical re-evaluation in Cardinal Santos Hospital. For you to be able to grasp what this medical re-evaluation is, I have cervical issues. A protrusion in my cervix. The affected area is C5-6. My therapist said that it is responsible for the mobility of my hands. Unfortunately for me, the doctor could not attend to patients at that moment. So I had to re-schedule again. Family members accompanied me. Not that i need a chaperon. My mom had been worried about my condition and she felt she have to know what the doctor will say. My brother accompanied me also. Again, not that i need a chaperon. Its just that he had been the one driving for me in case of emergency or when i had to use the family car. I don't really go well with my brother because as the eldest sister, there were decisions and ideals about life that we find ourselves on the opposite road. Nonetheless, in case of emergency, he had been driving for me. My father wanted to know the details of the medical re-evaluation as well. From the hospital my brother drove to the venue of his business meeting. It would have been easier to just send a text message, right? Just imagine, it was just a doctors meeting and every body seemed to be giving a big fuss about it. I mean, I could just fill-in the details when i get home, right? Anyways, we ended up having lunch in SM before going home. Well, you know what? i saw one thing though. I saw that despite differences, conflicting ideals and unending arguments, family sticks together like a pack in times of need. I suppose that is the wonder of the so called "Family". What do you think? Visit me again, will you? And do have a nice day.

Source of pics: One Family

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Leslie Ann said...

Hi She!

Sorry I wasn't able to respond to your text message the other day. In the world of prepaid cellphones, I had no load, huhuhu.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your post and I hope you continue to blog. You write well. See you at work!