Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Do you believe that our state of mind influences our physical health? Our lifestyle, attitude, and our perspective in life have a direct effect on our total well being. Hence, a healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude towards every occurences in our life can trigger a healthy body. In fact, there had been wellness programs established for purposes of creating as an alternative medicine. If these programs can actually improve physical health is controversial and a subject of much debate.

The idea of Wellness spread as a popular concept way back 19th century. However, studies shows that such concept had been found in the more affluent societies because wellness involves balancing the body state with the basic needs of a human being like food, shelter and basic medical care. This is much so that wellness had been defined as the state that combines health and happiness. So, can we really say that health and wellness can only be attained by those who belong to the upper class of the society? I have to agree that there is a logic to that reasoning. But then, regardless of the class of society we belong or the state of economic life we have, I believe that we should always be faithful to that fighting spirit within us. While it is said that wellness is a combination of health and happiness. It is also described as, to quote “the constant, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential."

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