Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I spoke about an old friend and the smart lady who introduced the world of blogging to me. Let me now speak about a co-worker who has a very pleasant personality. We are actually in the same team. When i was a newbie in the account i thought he was snob. However, when i get the chance to speak to him i found out that it is actually the reverse. Speaking with him will surely make you smile and will make your day lighter as well. One person you can get easily feel comfortable being with. I wish all people are like him. By the way, his name is Richard. I always approach him when ever i have a question about blogging. His site is dreamworksorg.blogspot.com and ageofvoip.blogspot.com. You might want to visit his site. You will surely find the site an interesting read. Richard, thanks for your assistance and your generosity for helping newbies like me. My salute for you! Have a great day.

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richard said...

Thank you so much for your kind word Mommy She...

Keep on smiling..