Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I was about to leave the building after our training. It would be just like one of those situations when we call it a day. However, as I approached the elevator, some one called my name. As I turned my back to check who called , the lady guard with her very pleasant smile greeted me. "Are you going, ma'am Shirley?" Perhaps surprised showed in my face because she further stated, "Are you surprised I know your name? " I am quite sure I gave a nod or something. She replied "You are not an agent anymore. For the new batch that came in, we have to know each of your groups' names. We have to log your name every time you came in and/or came out of the floor. " As she pointed her head to the log book she is holding. I looked intently at her. She got my attention as I sink in the impact of her meaning. All I could respond was to smile back at her as i bid good bye and told her to take care.

The lady guard is the same as the lady guard who had been assigned in our floor when I was still with my previous account. I was just another face coming and going. Now, she have to make sure my ins and outs are logged.

With the casual good mornings and byes every day for more or less two years, I am pretty sure she did not know me by name. However, in a matter of days, she now have to memorize such name.

As I walked out of the building, i can not help but to smile to myself as I absorb the gradual changes that had been occurring lately.

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