Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Few hours from now and it will be Christmas. It is my favorite day of the year. It is the season where every one is jolly and in the mood to share. Not just gifts but a sweet smile, kind words and the warm greeting of “Merry Christmas”. Every person I met have the sheer excitement in their eyes. I am sure that just like me, you are also anticipating this day of the year.

Of course, the main reason why we celebrate is because this is day when Christ was born. You know I had been having second thoughts bringing out this theory regarding the date we celebrate the birth of Christ. I will only hope that my reader would understand that there are different views and theories about everything under the sun. More so, I hope my reader would focus more on the real content of this entry. You see, there are beautiful people who had been reading my entries and I am very happy they visit me on my site. Lately I had been thinking of them when I write. Anyways, there are theories that Jesus of Nazareth was born sometime in the fall near the Jewish feast of Tabernacles or in the spring around the time of Passover. On the birth of Christ, bible states that “There were shepherds camping in the countryside, keeping watch over their flocks by night.- Luke 2:8. This is sensitive because we all know that the bible had been translated and transcended to hundreds of copies. On top of that, the bible had been subjected to different interpretations as well. It is said that shepherds can not camp and watch over their flocks on winter because of the cold climate. More so, it had been a practice among Jews to camp their sheep in the field during early spring and bring them home on the first rain which would be on the early to mid fall. Hence, it will defy logic that the shepherds were camping and watching over the shepherds on December. This leads to the theory that Jesus was not really born on December. So, does this mean that if this theory is true we should not celebrate Christmas anymore? I say regardless of the actual birth of Christ we focus on the true meaning of the season. Christmas is about Christ and more than the traditional commemoration of the birth of the child Jesus in the manger it is about warm and hearty hugs to and from our love ones. It is about reconciliation with those who had been detached from us. It is the sweet smile we see in the face of the people around us. That’s what Christmas is all about!! I believe that above all, regardless of scientific and documented theories presented in our face, one concept will never change. It is the fact that despite the uncertainties of this world, we are loved and we should also give our share of love to those around us.


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