Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Every one have a vulnerable spot that when directly hit could crush and pull us down to our knees. Even the toughest among us have one or two that have a direct link to that soft spot. It could be our vices, self-preservation, vanity or love. When it comes to love it could be a romantic love, maternal or paternal love. I am sure you can also name a few more. For me, that soft spot is my child. I had been hit by loneliness, vanity, money issues, basic needs issue and self esteem issues even and i can fairly say that i kept on standing up and was able to find my way back to the war zone. I had been wounded and had fallen a countless of times but i did find my way up to the comfort zone. However, an inch of contact to my weak spot and i will surely crawl down and going back on my knees will be the greatest challenge ever. Linking on my soft spot would draw me in the bottomless pit and would keep me in that abyss of endless darkness, as if the cold indifference of cruelty would be the only shelter i would be able to lean on.
As i had mentioned in my entry entitled Dealing With People, i mentioned that there's always two sides of a coin. There's always the positive and the negative side of everything that happened in our lives. We just have to identify which is which. I will have to say that the positive side of the coin will surely be blurred when it comes to linking with my vulnerable spot. Hopefully, I will not be confronted by such predicament because so much had already been taken away from me. However, if confronted by such, i hope i could muster every inch of courage and strength i have to identify the positive side of the coin. I know though one thing. In this lifetime I did gave an unconditional love. The kind where i could willingly lay even my very life. He is the very core of the vulnerable spot in me, he is my only child!

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