Friday, December 12, 2008


There i was in the mall shopping for Christmas presents with the little time i had. Making every effort to select the most of what i can to purchase an appropriate gift for my co-workers with the few remaining time i have. Few days ago i was imagining fancy gifts. Gifts that is appropriate for special people who will receive my gifts. The first two are my co-workers Leslie and Richard. And just a while ago would be the gifts for the rest of my team mates. But now, i realized that to be able to give a fancy gift, i should really take my time and check every item in the mall to really feel that "Yes, This is the gift that i would like to give for them". However, time is too short for me. We had been working six days straight and have less day off, not to mention other obligations that i have to meet. Time is one of the challenges on occasions like these. Well, come to think of it, every year of the holiday season was always a rush hour for me. Come o think of it, what is the day that is not a rush hour for me anyway! Well, modest as it may seem, it is not the cost nor the extravagance that matters. Old fashioned as it may seem, it is the thought that always count and matter the most!! Do you agree? Have a nice holiday, every one!

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Cecile said...

Hi, I'm Cecile, richard suggested that we shoud check your blog out; so here am i reading your blog, very interesting posts you have here and i like it :-)

am following your blog now :-)

hope you check my blog, too!