Monday, September 28, 2009


I woke up Saturday evening to report to work when my father told me not to go to work anymore. He said there is no transportation anymore. Stubborn as i am, i prepared for work anyway. However, as i stepped out in the comforts of my home, i was surprised to see the area where i live to have the phantom of a ghost town. Well, there were no electricity. That is already given. But then, seeing the whole area totally black with almost no people in the street is a different scenario. Actually, there were few. Some in a group, claiming they had not yet reached their home since yesterday. That was exactly 12:15 midnight. No passenger jeepney on the street. Even taxi was a challenge. Wheew, i only ended up going back to the house since i can not commute. We can not use the family car as well because of the flood. Hmmm....absent at work! Bad enough.

When i went out at 6:00am to buy food, i was sur
prised that still there were no public vehicle visible in the street. Imagine a road with no vehicle coming and going. Public vehicle still in the terminal and drivers talking to each other on how they were stranded because of the flood. Hence, i have to go to the grocery on foot. Still no electricity at that time. It is good that we have a mini-grocery in our area that is 24/7. Further surprise awaits when people were buying food stock, matches and candles. It is as if people were preparing for the worst case scenario and seemed that electricity will not smile on us on the next number of days. People cursing the typhoon for the mess it caused. Some of the items in the grocery were not yet delivered because of the typhoon. That then struck me, is the typhoon ondoy really this catastrophic? We did not know whats going on outside our area considering there was no electricity. I only had the view of whats going on when electricity resumed and i am able to take a glimpse of the news online. I never realized it was this bad. People lost their homes, lives lost and some still missing. It is terrible. It is good that there are people and organizations ready to give a helping hand. For further information, allow me to facilitate the link for you about the relief efforts for the victims of typhoon ondoy. It is taken from Philippines Star. Unfortunately, Pagasa is seeing another disturbance. I, for one, am hoping this weather disturbance will not pursue.

Here is one photo caused by typhoon "Ondoy":

This photo is taken online from

Let us hope that those who had been affected by the typhoon will recover on the soonest possible time and that no disastrious event would struck in the near days to come.

Take care every one!


Mom of Four said...

She, grabe nga ang naging calamity na yan, one of the worst dyan sa Pinas. I am glad that you were all safe. I have lots of relatives sa Pasig, Navotas, Tondo at Pandacan na di ko alam kung anong nangyari sa kanila..Hopefully, they're fine.. Another disturbance? sana, mild na lang..

Clarissa said...

Glad to hear that you and your family is safe,Mommy She.Sa Tv ko lang napanood ang nangyari sa atin.Sobrang grabe talaga ang mga pangyayari sa Pinas(T_T)

Cens World said...

Hello, ay totoo ka diyan. grabe ang calamity ng Ondoy. Madami dito na tumutulong sa mga nasalanta ng baha at hopefully, huwag na tumuloy ang susunod na bagyo..ang hirap naman kasi kapag may bagyo..with baha and every thing. Saka iyong baha parang ilog talaga. Hopefull, in the midst of these challenges, things would go well in the end.

Cens World said...

Hello clariz. We are fine. Although ang dami naman talagang naapektuhan ng bagyong Ondoy. How are you doing? Regards to your family.