Friday, October 2, 2009


Picture of flood caused by Pepeng taken from

Picture of flood caused by typhoon Ondoy taken from

Picture of flood caused by typhoon Ondoy taken from

Ondoy left and here comes Pepeng. Another storm is fast approaching Philippines. Actually, the rain was not as hard when i went to work last night. But then, it was stated that the pouring of this rain will be continuous, thus, would ignite more flooded areas. That is really bad. I remembered when i went home last Saturday, i really have to compose myself on every step i made because the current of the flood was quite strong it could caught me unbalanced. Hey, who wants to swim in the flood, right? My co-worker told me that the typhoon will not pass thru Metro Manila anymore. That is good news actually. However, as i watched the updates of the typhoon this morning, it seemed that Pepeng would reach Philippine soil this evening at 8:00pm. So, it is a wait and see. With hopes that this typhoon would still change its course and leave Philippine territory.

The affected areas are Catanduanes, raising storm signal no. 3; Storm signal no. 2 over Cagayan, Isabela, Aurora, Quirino, Northern Quezon (including Polillo Island), Camarines Norte, and Camarines Sur; Signal no. 1 over Calayan and Babuyan groups of islands, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Apayao, Abra, Kalinga, Mt. Province, Ifugao, Nueva Vizcaya, Benguet, La Union, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Zambales, Bataan, Pampanga, Bulacan, Laguna, Batangas, Cavite, Rizal, the rest of Quezon, Marinduque, Albay, Burias Island, Sorsogon, and Metro Manila. This is from the news of Philippines Star today. Pres. Arroyo also declared RP under the State of Calamity today, again based on the news of Philippine Star.

I am still hoping that things will not extend to its worst. That up to the last minute, Pepeng will make a 360 degrees turn around and spare this country of mine.

Till my next entry and take care of your selves.


rjs mama said...

I am so glad that Manila is safe from Pepeng. But I feel sad for those people who got hit hard by this typhoon

Cens World said...

Hello there. How are you doing? I agree with you, it is nice that Manila is spared from Pepeng. With the memoirs left by Ondoy, Manila does not need an additional turmoil. With hope, those affected areas will not be that affected after all. This morning, sky is already clear.

Thank you for visiting me.

Cecile said...

It is nice to know that Manila is safe now and also Nueva Ecija was not affected by flooding.

thanks for the updates, She :-)!

chubskulit said...

Grabe nakakaawa yung mga namataayan ano ate, super lakas tong mga bagyo na to..

Kumusta kayo ate, hope di kayo masyadong affected..

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Mom of Four said...

Hi She, Ok na ba kau dyan? Kawawa naman ang inabot ng Pepeng, but, that's life, we don't have any control of any tragedy that will come our way..

Oleg said...

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chubskulit said...

Hello Ate She, kumusta ka na?

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Cens World said...

Hello there, Ces. Yes, i agree. It is nice that Manila and Nueva Ecija are safe from the second typhoon. Hopefully, other provinces as well.

You are very much welcome and thank you for visiting me. Take care

Cens World said...

Hello Rose, Hay naku, korek ka diyan. Kawawa naman iyong mga nawalan ng minamahal sa buhay. Ganun din iyong mga nawawala ang ilang miyembro ng pamilya or kamag-anak. Naka-kalungkot. Talaga namang malaki ang naging epekto ng bagyong ito.

Salamat sa pangungumusta. Hindi kami naapektuhan. Ang pinaka-grabe ay ang brown out. Iyon na ang pinaka-grabe sa lugar namin. Panic buying. At napaligiran kami ng baha. Iyong mismong kalsada sa kalye namin, walang bahid ng baha. Salamat naman.

Sana naman ay hindi naapektuhan ang magulang, mga kapatid or kamag anak ninyo sa probinsiya.

Ingat Palagi

Cens World said...

Hello there, Liz. Ok naman kami dito. Ganun din ang pamilya ko. Kumusta ang mga kamag anak mo dito sa Pinas? Sana naman ay ok silang lahat.

I will have to agree on that. No one can control nor predict tragedy. Some times, it just happen. Perhaps a part of this so called life. We just have to stay as strong as we can and never, ever lose that hope inside us.

Take care always

Cens World said...

Hello there Oleg. I can not access your site. Private? It is my gratitude that opportunities like these came my way and it would not be wise to just let it pass without doing anything about it. I checked out this site and will navigate further. Intend to sign up, too! Thank you for the chance. Thank you for visiting me and more thanks for the compliment you gave to my site.

Take care

Cens World said...

Hello again Rose. I noted your concern and i will definitely support Rylie up to the last day of this month. Already casting my vote, actually. I am confident that that winning smile will captivate victory to its very core. You have such a lovely young princess.

Take care and regards to you and your family, each member :)