Monday, October 12, 2009


Of all insects, my son despised cockroach. He hated it so much. I do not know why but it has become such a big issue when it comes to these insects. Quite surprising for me because he seldom encounter these creatures. Very seldom indeed. However, just the same, it gets to his nerve. Is it because it transfers microbes that could be dangerous to humans? Well, i think it is as simple as the fact that cockroach really gets in the nerve of my child. Maybe it is the same way as rats really gets to my nerve as well. Or maybe it is because they are just plain nuisance specially when they fly.. Unpleasant really.

In order to assist my son, i did some asking and roaming around to check how we could eradicate these insects from his room. Seldom as it may, still it appears...and flies. Here's what i gathered. In order to sustain itself, cockroaches need H2O aka water, of course food and the warm closed locations. Let us deal with each of these three;

1) H2O - Make sure there are no leaks in our faucet. Regardless of whether it is in the kitchen sink or our bathroom. Also, my son and myself have one rule in our simple abode. "If we can not afford to wash our dishes, then we do not have the right to use a plate or a spoon." We practiced that since Vincent learned how to wash dishes. If we can make time to sit and eat, then we should make time to wash our dishes as well. Hence, no dirty plates or spoon or utensils in the kitchen sink particularly and specifically at night. I don't care even if it will be submerged in overflowing water. I had one rule in our little abode. Be responsible to clean your mess, no matter how small. Fortunately, Vincent and myself as well had been diligent to that self imposed rule. My tip, make sure you really squeezed that sponge every time it is used. We also pour it with boiling water on a regular basis. By sponge i mean the one we use to wash our dishes.

2) Food: Cockroaches will eat anything that comes its way. From an inch of paper to card board to crumbs to human food. Gluttony indeed. Hence, it would be an advantage to make sure the food are sealed tight in a hard container. Not plastic bag or anything like that because cockroaches will just eat its way from the plastic or paper to the glorious fiber of the food itself. Also, make sure ovens are free of grease. Cockroaches love them.

3) Warm closed environment. Could be a cabinet, a house of a building. They love papers, cardboard, clothing. They lay their eggs anywhere. The most that we can do is to clean regularly.

Of course, insecticide could also help. However, the main recourse really is to make sure there is a regular clean up. For busy people, it will be easier said than done. But then, we always try and try until we finally perfect it.

I will not put a picture. I hope you do not mind. I do not like the sight of this insect as well.

Always take care of your selves.


Joy Winner-or-Whiner said...

Here in Florida, we have a big mosquito issue right now. Over the counter creams do not really do too much.

Cens World said...

Hello Joy,

Whats going on? Where did these mosquitoes came from and what kept them on staying in FL? That is not good for children. Mosquito bite can be harmful as well as a big nuisance
Hope that will be over asap.

Thank you for visiting me, Joy. You have an interesting site.

Take care