Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was reading one of the features of NeoGeo about Global Warming. If one will read further, we would realize the impact that Global Warming could cause to our planet. One of the features discusses the effect of Global Warming like ice melting on some part of the planet. One of my colleague said that this is not like an ice melting gradually. Imagine a heat ray penetrating thru a thick mass of ice. It creates a hole, making this mass of ice melt faster compared to the natural process of melting an ice. Sea level would rise and we would be expecting visibility of hurricane and heavy rains. This is already happening since 1980s and if we would not be able to put an end to Global Warming, we would be expecting drought, more hurricanes, more typhoons, spread of more diseases and drastic change of our ecological system. No body wants that, right?

When I volunteered as a coordinator in the Ecological Desk, I was assigned in one of the area in Manila, Philippines. The project focuses on public awareness on Global Warming. One of the moves was the segregation of the garbage. There is this squatter area wherein they said garbage truck was not regularly going to their area, hence, they just throw their garbage on the nearby river. Educate them about garbage disposal and Global Warming? Nahh… We received that wide eyed look. I know what they meant. “Should I worry about Global Warming when I don’t even have a food to eat tonight?” Honestly, my friend, I can not put a blame to them. How about the upper level of our society? Can they ride a jeepney so they could lessen the secretion of the carbon monoxide created by the man-made vehicle? Our head coordinator said, we should focus on the seminars for more public awareness. We did! The challenge was there were no funding and no manpower in order to sustain a seminar. Hey, there should be a venue, speaker, materials, leaflets..etc. It was good that we were working hand –in-hand with Caritas Manila back then. Despite the odds, we were able to facilitate the seminar. Next challenge was for us to invite more people to listen. The seminar was free for the general public. But then, there should be food! No decent food, no one listens. The topic was about how we could sustain our only home planet but we have to bride people thru good foods in order for them to sit and listen. Most, after eating, would leave immediately. The bottom line is, only a minority understands. A colleague said that in a hundred, there will only be ten who cared enough. It will be a luck if we could even find ten in a hundred. Maybe it is because we have our every day task, we have to work, eat, sustain our family. Maybe because it will still take a number of years before we could feel the full fury of Mother Earth thru Global Warming . Demand of every day living is now, this very second! Maybe that is one of the reasons why we cared less. Why worry about that when I have to worry about how I could sustain my family now, right? But then, would we want our children experience the impact of this predicament? We can actually contribute. Check for your self if this is difficult, let a name a few;
1. Don’t use vehicle anymore if the place we will be going is already a walking distance (except of course in the middle of the night, of course). Use car less, only when necessary. Is it impossible? Hard?
2. Turn off electrical appliance when not in use. Unplug from the power outlet. Is this impossible? Is this hard?
3. Re-cycle. Segregate our garbage. Is it impossible? Hard?
4. If you live in the provincial area, how about planting a tree. Is it hard?
5. Have your car tuned up on the regular basis, double check tire pressure. Is it impossible? Hard?
These are only some, but then, if we can do this, in a way we are doing our share to prevent global warming.
I don’t mean to sound so biblical, but then, isn’t it that we, humans, are entrusted by our spiritual Father , our God, to take care of our home-planet? Including the animals. Why do most of us take it for granted?

If and when you have time, my friend, there are some sites below that you could check into:
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How can we illustrate the effects of Global Warming?

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