Sunday, May 3, 2009


My path came across one of my professors yesterday. Had a little chit chat then bid a warm farewell. We are both in a hurry. Seeing him made me remember one of his remarks. He said “Parents have a wrong mentality when it comes to visioning their childrens success. We always say—Study well my child so that one day you will be employed in a stable company." He said “We strive hard to send our children to school only to be an employee. My professor says that our children is conditioned that success is striving hard to get the Diploma and end up being an employee of a company, painstakingly facing the corporate jungle and climb his/her way up to the highest ladder. That is success. And this visualization is passed on from the parent to the child to the grand children and so on. He said one of the reason why our neighboring country is so much ahead of us is because their frame of mind is : I will have my own, I may start from scratch but at least this is mine, I will treasure this and make it big. Through persistence and effort this small business can become big..a company..with further expansion. That is the frame of mind. Have my own business. Take Japan for instance. China as well, we know that China is very business oriented as well. One Chinese peer once told me, “This is my business. A family business that will sustain me and the next of my generation.” Unfortunately, we Filipinos don’t think that way. We goal on being an employee. It would be a big time to be the manager or the vice-president , VIP, but very seldom, being the owner. Come to think of it, is this the reason why the business owners in our own native land are Americans, Chinese, Japanese? We are employees of foreigner in our own country. No offense but in a way, my good professor have a strong point. I could even say i do agree. Dont you think so too?

Just a opinion.. coming from a very radical but so much respected friend and a professor of mine!

Have a great day, my reader and my friend!!

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hello, She :-)! musta ka na? sorry tagal din ako di naka visit sa yo; dalawa na pala blogs mo...i will check the new one out now :-).