Friday, April 9, 2010


Today, we commemorate Araw Ng Kagitingan. This is a holiday here in the Philippines. This is the date when we remember the bravery of Filipino soldiers against foreign invaders. This is the day of remembering our named and unnamed heroes. This goes for the men and women who died fighting the invaders. This is not merely reflected on combat. This goes for the heroes who were brave enough to help the soldiers who were defending Philippine territory. April 9 specifically commemorate the fall of Bataan during World War II.

Surely there will be program pertaining to this event. Gallantry and bravery of the Filipino heroes against foreigner is being remembered on this date. Are there still a lot of Filipinos who fought for their country? Not against foreigners but against co-Filipinos who puts her or his personal agenda before the welfare of his or her constituents. These are the modern time oppressors because they put their countrymen in prejudice and put his or her motherland in more misery and poverty as it already is.

What is the modern day picture of oppression? What is the modern day picture of heroism?

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kimmy said...

before, Filipinos were fighting the foreign invaders... but right now, SOME Filipinos are 'selling their souls' to be taken by these 'foreign invaders' hoping for a better life that their motherland can not give..

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