Saturday, April 23, 2011

For a Dear Love of Mine

Borrowed Frm:

I want to step into the shadow of no land
I want to gaze upon the splendor of the setting sun
I want to reach the magnificence of the clouds above
Every fiber of my being crave to be cradle
by the sea of boundless ecstasy

And as I swoon in the waves of mellifluous rhapsody
My senses begets mystical words and phrases
My mind creates series of melodic rhymes
As I start to form series of words..
       .... for the dearest love of mine.

I thought of creating another poem but I could not think of any    so i tried creating phrases...and played with words.  I entitled it "For a Dear Love of Mine. 

I suppose the poem is about a person who tries to create a series of word for some one dear to his or her life...who ever that is...not necessarily mine.

I hope you like it.


John said...

Such a creative composition..

Mommy Liz said...

It's very meaningful. How are you She? long time no hear. I hope everything's great with you and Cen. We're good here. Take care and have fun..

Thanks for visiting my Health Blog. my kids blog

Cens World said...

Hello there John. I am glad you find the composition creative.

Thanks for dropping by and regards to Rose and the kids :-)

Cens World said...

Helloooo Liz..kind of missed your mail. Wow! Your kids have a blog as well? Better check that out.

I am doing fine and yes, long time no hear. I am glad to have visited your blog and finally be able to exchange communication with you. Take care as well.

Always here..She

anney said...

Beautiful poem! Love it!

Cens World said...

Hello Anney, how are you doing? Been a long time :-). Thanks, i am just scrabbling with words, i am glad you liked it.

Always, She

kimmy said...

that was so beautiful.. nice to have you back, girl!

Sailor said...

That's so lovely!

rikka said...

I liked it...

I hope that the person to whom you dedicate the poem would like it too...

Cens World said...

Hello Kimmy, and it is so nice to be welcomed by you. I am glad you liked the poem. Kind of missed being here with warm people like you :-)

Cens World said...

Hi there, Sailor. Checked out your web and i find it very interesting. I would like to be one of your regular readers and thank you so much for dropping by.

She here

Cens World said...

Hi there Rikka. Well, it is not dedicated to any particular person. I am just mumbling for words really. I would like to dedicate it to the people who reads this poem and to whom ever they want to address the meaning of my poem.

Have a good day!