Friday, October 7, 2011

The Dream of Love

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Every one falls in love. Sometimes, things turned out great. However, things do not always turn out great. Even rose has its thorn, so to speak. As love can be sweet, it can also turn out to be sour.

On a quiet time, words and phrases are formed.

I was sitting by the window as I watched the world outside my room. While I was on my quiet time, this poem was written.

I hope you like it.

From a deep slumber
My heart awakens
My senses shaken
Mesmerized by the seduction of thy love

These feet of mine became so light
This heart sings such melodic song
This soul began to yearn
 ….. of you and me forever in this dream land.

This world once black and white
And you were like a pen…
  As you moved this life from plain white
  Unto the colorful shades of rainbow

This heart rested in your love
Allowed all my defenses down
As I held unto the trance of your words
And succumb unto the sweetness of your embrace

Bu lo, even roses has its thorns
The waves of the sea is not always lovely
Love is not always sweet
And life is not always fair

Sharp blade penetrated through this heart
Sea of tears shed from these eyes
As my soul fell unto the endless pit..
    Trapped unto the agony of shattered hopes

I woke up from a dream
And opened my eyes to see a nightmare
As I realized that the sweet, sweet love
  Is gone as it is only but phantasm and a ....dream of love.

It is said that love is endurance and pain is part of love. Some say that it is better to have loved and lost than had not loved at all. What ever we say about love, one thing is certain. Love is such a strong emotion that it moves even the toughest of us all.

Have a great day, every one


anney said...

Yan ang di ko kayang gawin ang mag compose ng poem. Galing mo talaga!

Cens World said...

Hi Anney. Sigurado naman ako na may nagagawa ka na kahit mag sirko ako, hindi ko kayang gawin ;-). salamat pero sigurado ako na maraming mas magaling pa sa akin sa pag-gawa nang tula. In fact, it does not come naturally to me. May mga panahon na kahit ano gawin ko, hindi ako maka buo nang isang tula o artikulo.

Thanks for your visit and hope you will also like future poems i will create. Thanks much