Thursday, February 12, 2015

Discrimination of The Lower Species? Or Simply Plain Ignorance !

I went to Sto. Rosario Church yesterday to inquire about the process on how I could request to have my incoming Shih Tzu blessed. After all, she is going to be my baby. To my surprise, they were so amused that they literally laughed on my query. With this, I am deeply offended. 

The question in my mind is this, there were requests to bless non living things like cars, motorbike or even personal stuff and they were welcomed with no hesitation. These personal properties were blessed with open arms. Why then, should it be funny to bless a living creature?

Maybe these people forgot that we, humans, belong to the animal category. Remember that in our Science class, there are two kinds of existence on Earth, the living and the non-living things. The living things comprises of animals and plants. We, humans, belong to the animal type. Our difference with the other animal is that we walked in two feet and we are smarter. Feeling that we are superior to the point that we are prejudiced to the existence of the other species does not and will never make as better species. In fact, that will make us the worst. 

The idea that the request to bless a living creature has been taken as amusing, much so as ridiculous, is revolting. This kind of mindset is something that I can never comprehend. If we are really a superior species, we should prove that we have the mindset to protect, not to prejudice and ridicule. 

Disclaimer: The picture has been taken from Yahoo images. She is not my baby as her picture is yet to be seen. Thank you and have a great evening. 

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