Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weekend with Exclusivity... For Me!

Yesterday was the beginning of a long weekend, well at least for me. More than that, I am anticipating of new things, positive things in fact. I started the first day of the long weekend by acquiring a DVD player that I had been wanting to have. I know what you are thinking, so trivial. But hey, that is me, so easy to please. More than that, I saw a hair dryer that is soo cute, it fits my baby. You see, I am expecting a Shih Tzu come March and I am so excited. Upon checking the other stuff in the mall, I found the one that I feel would be perfect for my incoming baby. And so that night, I slept ever so soundly and peacefully.

The next day, I stumbled on a group of women dancing in the street. They call it Samba here in the Philippines. There was a young girl, early 20's I think, who was participating. There was also a lady in her 60's. They are at different ages and walks of life. I was so amused, I stopped and inquired. I am, in fact, thinking of registering.  Hey, it would be nice to explore some of the adventurous side in us, right?

I am anticipating a restful and rejuvenating days ahead and I would like to make the most out of it. Have a rejuvenating one to every one. 

Disclaimer: The picture came from yahoo images. 

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