Thursday, March 5, 2009


I remember once someone told me that between being robbed and being a victim of fire, she would rather choose to be robbed because if fire catches up her home, she would lose the four foundation of her house, no house to live in, nothing. All her property will turn into ashes. Personally, I would not choose any! However, she raised a strong point, it is very hard when one becomes a victim of fire. In the Philippines, March is the month that focuses on fire prevention. As they said, better be safe than sorry. It is very true, right?

Secretary Angelo T. Reyes urged the need of Bureau of Fire of Protection to be alert to respond on fire incidents. I believe that it should be a two way road. Fire fighters should be vigilant and civilians should also take the necessary precautions to protect our property:

Here are some tips to prevent fire, hopefully this could contribute something:
1) Never leave a lit candle unattended ;
2) Never smoke in bed or in a sofa;
3) Turn off the stove when done cooking
4) Avoid “octopus” outlets; Avoid electrical overload.
5) Keep matches and/or cigarette lighter out of childrens’ reach.
6) Always keep address book near the phone, with updated number of establishments or institutions that you can call in case of emergency.
7) Make sure all electrical outlets are unplug when you will leave your house, this can also save us electric bill.

Tips are few, i suppose, but hopefully you can find which can be beneficial for you.

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Cecile said...

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richard said...

Nice article Momi She, i have a tag for you, have a nice day...

Mom of Four said...

You're right, you wouldn't want neither of those to happen to you. It's hard to avoid fire when you live in a place where all the houses are connected. No matter how cautious you are, but if you're neighbor is neglectful and won't care, then your house would be a victim of someone's negligence, and that is really not good. But, it's better to be cautious right? Thanks for all the tips..

Make sure also that there is always a way out.

Clarissa said...

Thanks for the info, Mommy She!!Mahirap nga talagang masunugan!!Siguro nga mas gugustuhin ko ring manakawan ako kesa masunugan or neither both!kakatakot eh!!

She said...

...To Cecille..thanks for dropping by as well.. I am fine.

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She said...

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She said...

..Mom Of Four..thanks for the visit. Mahirap talaga ang ang masunugan. You are right, we just have to be cautious

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She said...

..To Clarissa, i agree with you, neither of both na lang tayo..pareho naman talagang nakakatokot ang manakawan o masunugan.

Have a nice day

Brwneyedgrl08 said...

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