Monday, March 30, 2009


Thanks Doods of Dreamworksorg and Rhea of Rheas' Sweet Escape for this Tag. It is much appreciated.
Doods gave me the important information that i have to know about blogging. Every question i have i can rely on him to answer for me. He had been giving me tips on how to blog and on how to earn extra income thru internet. Lovely Rhea is my co-worker and as stated on her site, she love life and she is a very pleasant person as well.

This Award is open to every one. Grab it now!


Clarissa said...

Hello there,Mommy She!!I also thank YOU for your friendship!Thanks for being friendly,too!^_^
Have a nice day!

She said...

...To Clarissa, likewise..thanks for your welcoming me as a friend. Honor is mine.

Have a nice day!