Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I had been making reviews for for one week now. One of the reviews is under the category of Discussion /Opinion. One of the topic is a question about Love, does it really exist? We have our respective opinion about this topic and this is mine, I would like to share it with you, my reader.

Love is a word that seemed to have been used, abused and misunderstood to the point that its existence and veracity had already been questioned. Actually, love does exist. Love is a strong emotion towards another individual, idealism or any living or non living being. Sad to say that most people connote love with sex and romance. In my opinion, love can be in various forms. Love can be that emotion towards our parents or parental love, towards our kin or siblings, towards our child or motherly/fatherly love, or simply a love for a friend. One kind of love that is noble is the act of giving to some one because of sympathy begotten from love. One perfect example of true love, for me, is the love of Jesus for human kind. Or Mohammed, or Buddha! That is the highest form of Love.

If i may add, when i said towards living or non-living, i mean the love for fame, money or materials things.

So, does Love really exist? I believe the answer is 100% YES, LOVE DOES EXIST. It is just a matter of our respective perception about the word but as long as we have an emotion, there is surely Love.

How about you, do you believe that Love really does still exist?

Have a nice day!

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Clarissa said...

YES!! I believe that love really exist!!At yan ang nararamdaman ko araw-araw!!

Mommy She!!You've been tagged!!Have a nice day!!^_^

She said...

..To Clarissa, that is so sweet. I, for one, am happy for you :)

Thanks..will surely get that tag.

Have a nice day!