Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just yesterday I was watching the morning show on ABS-CBN. Hosts were talking about the summer being too short this year! The reason? It is only April but sky is already cloudy. Rains already pouring and tropical depression seemed to be already building up within Philippine Territory. In fact, the show have this question wherein viewers were open to participate: The question was something like “ Summer, bitin! The answer is either “yes” or “no”, then state why. While watching I can not help but to ask if this climate change is one of the effect of the Global Warming. Or maybe this is an isolated concern. Honestly, I can not tell. Though I can not help but to imagine fiestas and Santa Cruzan with pouring rain. Month of May is fast approaching. Also, this is the month where people go to the beach and kids jump into their long awaited school vacation. I know this is a computer era but hey, outdoor activities are not exactly over rated, right?

Always look at the bright side. It is not hot! 12noon but it is not hot. In fact it is cloudy. We will not be sweating so hard anymore that we have to maximize our electric fan and exhaust our AC, right? I say what ever temperature awaiting this summer, accept it as is and make the most out of it. For the students like my Vincent, hope they enjoy their school vacation and hope we all enjoy this summer!!

Have a great day every one!

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