Thursday, March 12, 2009


March is not only Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines but also Women’s Month. I believe it is worldwide that women’s Month is celebrated on this month. The theme of the United Nations Commission for womens’ status is “Financing For Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women” and I am very proud that in the Philippines, third world country as it may, is one of those countries who achieves closing in the gender gap. This is no sugar talk, It is true.
When ever I read about the Womens’ Month, I read about womens achievements. Women who top the bar examination, women who made a mark in their community and so on and so forth. Womens’ month is focused on womens’ empowerment and achieving an equal opportunity with men in terms of education, place in the government, employment, benefits and others. This is the month for the women who became pillars in our society, but most of all, this is the month for the regular housewife, for the vendor in the market, for a rank and file employee, for women who strive to make both ends meet, for single mothers, for women who keep their family intact, for ALL women. Furthermore, equal footing is not just in terms of achievements but also for the so called stronger sex to acknowledge that women are not mere partner in bed, not just another beautiful face and body, but a soul who are entitled to be respected as well, not just in terms of what she achieved or what she can do, but the fact that she is also a human being, in equal, and not a second class, member of her family and of a community.


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Mom of Four said...

You go Girl!!!! It's good to hear that women are being heard, acknowledge and honored. Di na lang laging puro pangit ang news about women. Or puro laging kahinaan or kung anu ano pang negative.

Clarissa said...

A salute to all Women!!

She said...

To Clarissa..i do agree with you..a salute to all Women, in all walks of life..

Have a nice day