Friday, November 20, 2009


One of those regular days when i heard the door bell rang. When i opened the door, a woman in dirty clothes was standing in my door step. As i approached, i could smell that she had not taken her bath for maybe a number of days. She held her arms and told me “ Can you give me some money please so i could buy food. I had not eaten since yesterday and i am very hungry. I feel so weak”. My heart fell for her. I thought i would grab a food . Told her to seat in the wooden chair right beside the gate and wait for me. Hence, i replied, “If i will give you money, you still have to walk to buy your food. Why don’t you take a seat and i will give you food. It is not much but i am pretty sure it will sustain you for now. Just give me a minute”. With that she said, “I do not mind walking, i would prefer you give me money”. I replied. “No worry, it is not a bother for me, it will take just a number of minutes and you can already eat”. When i lead her to the wooden chair she just stood. Her face hardened and with irritation in that once soft voice, stated “If you do not want to give me money, never mind. I am asking for money, not your food”. Before i could speak she turned her back and left, walked briskly until i could see her no more. I could not relate to her logic. She is asking for money to buy food but when i am already giving her the food, she stubbornly refused.
I am really not that innocent, you see. When i was a volunteer, a priest gave me an advice. He noted that with what i do in the mission then, my enemy would be myself. If and when i stand before a person who appears to be in dire need, i should be able to differentiate the real need from those who faked being in need. The greatest hindrance is my sympathy. In the real world, there are those who are in dire need because they refused to work. The more i extend to this kind of people, the more i push them to poverty. For those who are religious, the more i sin. Why? Because instead of helping these people get away from their situation, i helped them indulge in slothfulness and laziness. Unfortunately, there are those who uses poverty as an excuse to get the sympathy from people. That is very, very sad indeed.
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By the way, It is good to be talking to you again.

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chubskulit said...

Hahahaha kakalokah naman yang beggar na yan hehehe.. But i salute him for being honest but I take back the salute because he is lazy lol..

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