Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My apology that i was not able to update for quite a long time. I had been very busy. Always running out of time. Seemed that a day is not enough to accomplish every thing.

I would like to tell you a story about a comment dropped regarding my blog. Just last month, a co-worker greeted another lady co-worker of mine and said “You should be taking pictures of your baby. Better yet, why not create a website of your little precious and post her pictures in this site. You should reserve a site and dedicate it to your child, name it next to hers even, Look at Shirley, she created a blog named after her son and did not even included her child in the content of the articles she had written. “

I turned to look at this co-worker. My composure still intact- explained to this mean person the reason behind, then turned my back as if nothing happened. The comparison he raised is way to cunning that i can not help but to notice the nasty message being delivered in there. Bitchy as it may seem, no cause of high blood pressure. I doubt if this person have something ill towards yours truly. You see, that is his personality. He approaches you with that pleasant greeting and smile, introduces small talk but before he turn his back, he will drop a nasty comment every now and then. This is something he does to any body, seamlessly. Do not be mislead, i am not writing this post on his account. The fact that i misjudged him to be a beautiful soul and turned out to be a sour one indeed have nothing to do with this post. I am writing this to pose a query and a comment. I hope that you, my dearest reader is not having the same question. Because if you are, please allow me to explain.

Vincent is my world. He is every thing to me. Corny as it may seem to some, he was and is still the source of my strength. Censworld, if you would look into the upper portion of the site, says “talk with me about anything under the sun. Share my thoughts and opinions, that is the authors opinion. Not Vincents opinion nor Vincents activities nor Vincents pictures. It just so happen that the authors life revolves around her son, which is my Vincent. And since the authors world revolves on my son, i named the blog “Censworld”. On top of that, my child is already an adult and a very private person indeed. He deliberately refused any share of the lime light. I would like to respect that decision.

On this light, i strongly believe that i have the right to chose the title of my site and the topic that i write. After all, i am the author of this blog.

If by any chance that you ask the same query, i am pretty sure that such does not contain the venom that goes with the question from this insensitive person who first asked the same question to me. I am hoping though, that i am able to explain it to you, should you have such query in mind.

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Thank you for being there..always.

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