Sunday, September 5, 2010

60 Seconds..

Bonding time for me and my son is watching CD or DVD movie together. Usually, we are noisy when watching a movie. If we are watching a thriller, we would bet on what will happen next. I always lose.

During our grocery schedules, we drop by to DVD store. He would pick his choice of movie and I would pick mine. Then we buy chips, pop corn or anything we could think of. We are actually planning our slouch day ahead of time. And we try to do this every Sunday. We also have a schedule on who will pick the movie to watch. For instance; if I was the one who picked the movie to watch last Sunday, my son will be the one to choose the movie this coming Sunday. We alternate for fairness sake.

So, last Sunday I was the one who picked the movie to watch. I chose  "Gone in 60 seconds" It is an old movie. It is a story of a man who steals car for a living. Retired and all, he came back to his old gig to save his younger brother. It turned out that his younger brother followed his foot steps and stumbled into serious trouble on the process. The target: To steal 48 cars in 60 seconds, or his brother dies.

The main star was Nicholas Cage. The first part of the movie was not much. And I am not into cars. But we were entertained nonetheless. Vincent was laughing during the car chase. The character played by Nicholas Cage already retired but the police  authorities could not even beat him. Well, that was the comment of my son. Which is actually true.

I liked the scene of the car chase as well. Especially the part where the character played by Nicholas Cage was trapped on the bridge. There was no escape anymore. On his front were long line of vehicles. And as he drove on backward motion, he was confronted by numerous police authorities. Gathering his momentum, he drove straight towards the slanted object on his front. Prompting his vehicle to fly, literally. And as he landed on the part of the bridge where there were no  long lines of vehicles anymore, he escaped the long arms of the law. Maybe, had I watched that  scene during younger years, I would be so ecstatic. Well, for me that was the best scene. As his car flies, I can not help but be amazed and shout "whoaa..hoho". 

Got the video from youtube. Thank you for dropping by and have a great bonding time with your family :)


anney said...

How nice naman at nakaka bond mo ang son mo to watch a movie. Bihira sa mag ina ang ganyan. Napanood ko na tong movie na to pero nalimutan ko na. Papanoorin ko na lang uli. hehehe!

Cens World said...

Hi Anney. How are you doing? Ay naku, lumaki naman kasi siya na dalawa lang kami kaya parang barkada na lang kaming dalawa.

Nothing special about the movie. Pero entertaining din siya :)

Thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it

chubskulit said...

This is awesome ate, nabitin ako bigla hehehe

Cens World said...

Hello Rose...putol kasi. Iyon lang scene na nagustuhan ko ang na-post ko :) Simple lang siya. Simple lang ang plot at istorya. But entertaining. Sa DVD ko na lang yan napa nood. Nang palabas sa sine, hindi ko napanood.

Thanks for dropping by. Regards to your hubby and your beautiful kid. Take care :)