Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nice Guy

Family Bonding time, Vincent picked the movie to watch today. Cen chose "Nice Guy" of Jackie Chan. I think this movie is far more older than the last movie we watched.

We brought chips. I also included dried pineapple fruit to add a variety to the menu. So, as we roll the film, starts family time;

Nice guy is a combination of comedy and action. It stars Jackie Chan. He plays a chef who got involved in a chaotic chase between a syndicate and a reporter. The reporter was able to video tape a crime committed by the head of the organization. And the syndicate wants the tape. Jackie Chan got caught in between. In the end, Jackie Chan ended up busting the whole syndicate all by himself. Huh! What ever happened to the police authorities? 

With Jackie Chan as the lead role, you can expect lots of stunts and martial arts action. Of course, it included comedy. That is the trademark of Jackie Chan, right? What had I felt while watching the film? I can not help but to remember how reporters are always projected in movies. Media people will do every thing to get a story. They do not care who will get caught in between. They do not care about the consequence. That is the image of reporters.  Somehow, I can not help but to conclude that there is a shed of truth in it. 

Well, happy Sunday to every one. And enjoy your time with your family.

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kimmy said...

this is one great film. i've seen it a long time ago and i really enjoyed watching it. nice post!