Monday, September 13, 2010

Starting a Business


People say entrepreneurship is creating something from nothing. If you will think about it, it is extremely difficult. In an instant, I felt it is an impossible dream.

I wanted to be a business owner. I used to imagine myself owning a business. Every time I passed by a business establishment, I can not help but to think that owning a business is more than a daunting task. It is like moving mountains in order to succeed. It will require extensive marketing skills. And most especially, it will require huge amount of initial capital. For years, i wondered how it works. Until one incident prompted me to take a crash course and do it. Just do it. 

I am on the process of building my small business.  But, I have to have a clear mind in order to take the path. And I learned a few things on the process. I would like to share with you things that you could also work on, just in case you are planning to have your own business as well. If you could bear with me, I will talk about the steps I took on my succeeding posts. As I would like to go over each of them step by step.

I hope to speak with you about some of the tips on my succeeding posts. Have a great week days, every one. Take care of yourselves.

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