Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Address House Mess

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Our home is our refuge. It is our haven. This is the place where we rejuvenate after a hard days' work. Hence, it is only logical to expect a home that projects a heavenly shelter for each of us.

Many of us never realize it but too much clutter can add up to our stress level. Messy surrounding can drain our energy. Worst it could make us irritable. But then, if we do not have a house help, we have no choice but to do it ourselves or to assign the task to our household companions. Perhaps our kids if they are already capable. The challenge comes in the picture if all members of the family is already working. In a fast paced life and hectic schedule, housekeeping can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips to minimize the clutter and beat a stressful environment.

Music - How about a music in our house? Do you know that music is one way to beat stress? The sound that music brings is a therapeutic method to enhance wellness. Of course, that would depend on the music you prefer to listen into. However, what ever it is you are doing, music can actually sooth your mood and calm your nerves. This is a fact supported by therapists and experts. Actually,we do not need the experts to tell us that music is a great medium of relaxation.

Eliminate excess baggage- Filipinos are fond of sentimental values. "I do not want to toss this equipment because this is given by my great-great grand father. "  Had you heard the same words?  Actually, my origin has that trait. As a result, there are a lot of equipment hanging everywhere. When I go to the second floor, I could not even walk straight anymore. I have to watch my step or I will bumped into a 1960s stereo, or a bag containing albums much more older than I am. All of those stuffs are not even functioning anymore. They are not being used. They just lay there, very still. No use. Nothing. That is the reason why I told myself, If and when I already have my own home, i want to see ONLY usable equipment in my house. I want space. The reason why storage is invented is because we are supposed to put there items not usually used. For those that have no function anymore, it would be better to either recycle them or donate them to the people who needs them the most.

Allot at least 15 minutes of filing documents and other papers - Do you have lots of papers like me? My bills, my mails, my documents and so on. Sometimes, they pile up before I could file them. You see, I have a separate filing space. I keep my folders in one filing stand. One folder for my Certificates, Title of Deeds, bills, credit cards etc. Each has its own folder. Sometimes, i am not able to immediately file the statement of accounts after paying for them. And i am not able to immediately file my bank statements after receiving them through mail. So, I have this space in the house, a small cabinet actually. I immediately put the papers, bills, documents etc.. to this small cabinet if I can not immediately file them. When I have time, that is the only instance when I could finally file them to their respective folders. It is easier to find them if they are placed on one location in the house, right? The problem is that they often  pile up.  So, the solution is to allot at least 15 minutes every day to file these papers. Had you been on the same predicament as mine?

Put the things where they belong. As every one knows my son is my only companion at home. As I was divorced and had not remarried again. I had this house rule. If I or my son use something, it should be returned where it was taken. If we can not return it, then do not use it. The rule applies to me and my son. I do not believe in prompting him to do something and tell him it is the correct way to do it yet I am not doing it, right? For instance; nail cutter is included in my manicure kit. If he will cut his nails, he can take the nail cutter from my manicure kit anytime. But after using it, he can not simply put the nail cutter on the dresser or on the cabinet. If he could go out of his way to get the nail cutter, he should also go out of his way to return it. If he can not do so, then just bite his nail. Am I too strict? Nah, I do not think so. 

Hey, I am not perfect. Sometimes I am guilty. Lately I had been very forgetful. I never realize i broke my own rule. If and when that happens, Vincent has the right to tell me I am wrong. And I follow. I did not argue. If I am wrong, than I am wrong, I admit it.   But if he is the one who forgot the rule, and I remind him of it, he follows without a single complaint. In fact, he even apologizes. That is how we are at home.  So, again, am I too strict? Nah, I do not think so :)
So, that is how we deal with clatters and mess around the house. It should be  a coordinated effort from each member of the family, right?  Especially if your kid is grown up. A shared responsibility, so to speak. It just so happen that in my case, Vincent is my only direct family. 

I hope you are able to  pick up something that could be useful for you. 

So, how about you? Any tips to address those unavoidable clatters in your home?



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