Sunday, September 26, 2010

"About Me" in a Social Media Network

After being a member of Facebook network for quite some time, I had not  filled out any information on "About me". As I am using my Face book account to promote my  articles , I gave a closer look on this page of mine;

And so, as my mind were mumbling for words, i came up with this;

About Me:

A curious spirit with undying thirst to thrust unto the deepest realm of humans senses. A continual journey to challenge an intellectual pursuit. And a sensitive soul pursuing to the meaning of each bumps and bruises on each corner of this journey we call Life.

Hmmm....what do you think?


kimmy said...

whooah! that's simply.. PROFOUND, lol!

Cens World said...

Hi Kimmy. Is it really? Hmmm...never really thought it could be profound but that is flattering. Thank you for your opinion. For me, it is an essential tool to confirm that I am actually communicating. Just just blabbering.

Always take care :)

anney said...

Ang lalim ah! You write good english. Ako nga di ko maiisip yan e. hehehe!