Wednesday, June 24, 2009


For months, I had been unhappy about my blog template. I would like it personalized. Like in a house, the house speaks for its owner, right? I suppose that goes with our site as well. I uploaded a different template. It was successful but because I lost all my widgets and had been dumb-founded by unfamiliar lay-out, I felt compelled to go back to my previous settings and thus, previous template. After a number of weeks I tried uploading a template-again! Unfortunately for me, I had been confronted by numerous error messages. Needless to say, I have to go back to the available template available from my host. What I can do at the time was to edit the colors of my blog. I felt frustrated, actually! For a while I had been stagnant. It somehow affected my drive to write. I did not have the feel for my own site.
Then came a computer genius who stood as the knight in the shining armor for my blog. A friend and a co-worker actually helped me. He helped me acquire a three-column template. Well, still a design from my host so not really personalized but I liked it anyway. It looked cleaner. Simple and nice enough. I could go with that!! Perhaps in the future, there will be changes in width, if I could insert a design or so, that would be great. The important thing is that I like it better. I am gradually getting the feel for my site and this I owe to a friend who helped a lot. He refused to have his name stated but I would like to extend my simple thanks to such a nice person. Thanks for his help, really!


Clarissa said...

Congratulations to your new template,Mommy She!!^_^

Great to be back here,it's been a while..
Have a great weekend and give Cen a hug for me!!^_^

CENS WORLD said...

To Clarissa.

Thanks so much. Yes, it's been a while. You are correct!! Kind of missed every one!

Have a great week end as well!!