Sunday, June 7, 2009


I had been so happy because my favorite television show had started airing here in the Philippines last June 5, 2009 at 9:00pm in AXN-Beyond. It is non-other than Supernatural, Season 4.
Supernatural is the story of two brothers who hit the road and hunted supernatural creatures that lurks around us. These supernatural beings are Vampires [ Season 1- Dead Mans’ Blood, Season 2 – Blood Lust, Season 3 – Fresh Blood], a man who eats human flesh [ Season 4 – Metamorphosis ] , Lady In White [ Season 1 – Pilot Episode], Bloody Mary [ Season 1-Bloody Mary] and more and more!!! The good thing about the Supernatural series is that one episode gives a different flavor from the other episode, giving each episode a different touch. It could go to real heavy to emotional to hilarious. The author of each episode could make the viewers feel what the brothers are going through. It is not just another blood and gore, there is emotion! It cleverly depicted lifes’ irony as well. In the real world, life also have its irony. Though I can not say I approve the path where Season 4 headed because it is getting too big and biblical! In fact, my son feels the concept of the show is on the verge of blasphemy. You see, my son is religious, on which I am happy he is. It is a good thing that the writer made it somehow amenable that in a way, it becomes tolerable. Actually, I already watched some of the episodes of Season 4 through internet. There are episodes wherein Gods presence had been questioned. In reality, there are occasions when we doubt if God is really there for us and with us. Also, God is so good that He allows things to happen according to how it is decided by his creations. Free will-so to speak.
I already included the show in my list of schedules “To Dos” or “To Attend To”. In fact I will be watching one episode twice in a week. And to think I already watched it through internet. So, come Supernatural schedule, I will be in front of the television, mesmerized as I am- and no one would be able to disturb me while watching….as my son told me….”You are soooo addicted”…

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