Saturday, June 27, 2009


In one of my encounter with a good parish chaplain, one issue raised was the question that had been challenging my faith. “Why is it that most of the time, God seemed so far away?” You will see evil prospering and good people being a doormat. Why is there chaos and most often than not, concerned and good people seemend to be in the losing end when facing great misfortune. I pointed out to the good priest that perhaps God is not really concerned on the basic needs of his creation. His area of interest is focused solely on the spiritual aspect of His creations -our soul. After all, when He created us, he already gave us the wit and common sense to deal with challenges. After giving these gifts, His part is already finished. It is now entirely up to us, and us alone, to meet those challenges.

Isnt it that these had been one of the controversies during Jesus’ time? People was waiting for a king. A misconception indeed because Jesus came to free His people but not accorded to the “freedom” that the Jews had in mind. The jews expected a king who would free them from heavy burden of taxes and political oppression. However, Jesus came to save souls, not to unburden their earthly concerns. Maybe God seemed so far specially in dire needs because His concern is not to help us have a secured, safe or decent life while we are here on earth. It is outside His service parameter, so to speak!

After a minute of silence, the priest said “You know, when ever I needed money but have none, I pray! After which, I felt so light-hearted. In fact, I felt better. My problem is still there though! I will just have to wait. Then somehow, something will happen. My financial problem would be resolved. The faith that God is there for our souls’ well being is the same as with our physical well being. They are one. That faith is the totality of us as His children!

So, would one say that after God gave us the wit and common sense to deal with life, our journey begins….challenges begins…….Free will begins! How we use these wits and common sense will define us in the process and will ultimately determine whose side we really are. If we are “for” or “against” our creators' will. Is that how it works? Or is it the other way around? That he never leaves us since day one. Like a loving Father who stays with us every minute of our lives, guiding, giving cue, hoping that we would listen. Is He really near? Or is he far, watching, testing whose side we will prove to be?

Through the writing of this soul, yearning that in the corners and bumps that goes ahead in this long, winding road, answers would come before this soul reaches the terminal of this journey called LIFE

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