Sunday, June 28, 2009


It is Vincents’ 19th birthday – June 29. Actually two days ago, the day when I cheated death twice in a row [ let us talk about that on the next few entries, shall we?] we had our pre-celebration. I treated Cen for a food-trip. I would like him to choose the restaurant and indulge all he wants. However, when I asked where he would like to eat, his answer was “ Going to a fancy restaurant would mean real expense!! Let us not go too fancy, ok? Let us save money!” Oh my gosh…I would like him to indulge and he would like to spend thrift. I chose Pizza Hut since he does not want to chose any restaurant. We ordered pizza but he did not chose those big meaty pizza so I ordered Pizza Huts’ latest pizza flavor and settled for the mid-size. I just gave him money for his one and only vices – anime and collecting anime cds. I told my self, it is ok, his birthday is still on the 29th anyway. We will watch a movie that he wants.

So, yesterday, we went out for some food tripping – again [ since he did not chose the restaurant the last time we went out] and I asked him for a great movie to watch. He chose “Blood – The Last Vampire” He said it resembles one of the anime shows. Again-anime. It is about a girl who hunts blood-sucking demon {hunting demon...sounds Supernatural..hmmm}. Vincent said that the main character, Saya, is the same as the main character on one of his enime movies. In fact the story is based on this anime film – Blood. It was a good watch. We both enjoyed the movie. It was good that we came early because we were noisy inside the cinema, exchanging views and observation about the movie. At least, there are very few viewers. I liked the scene when Saya was surrounded by blood-sucking demons and she had no alternative but to fight using her katana. Obviously, fighting style is Japanese style, with all those flying and every thing. The only thing i was not comfortable with was that there are scenes when characters spoke in Japanese language and there were no translation so Vincent had to translate them for me so I could finally understand. It is good that Vincent can under stand and speak Nihongo. Over all, Vincent was happy with the movie and I am glad he is..

From Inay, Happy Birthday to my one and only, Vincent

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