Sunday, June 21, 2009


Taken when Vincent was 15 years old in Our Lady of Manaoag.
He surprised me from behind so when the camera clicked cheese,
he is already included in the scene.....hmmm..should have been a solo!!!

During his graduation from High School.
I was 7th High when he gave me his Diploma..Truly!!!

Vincent was just a little boy in this picture.
He kept on pressing i should carry him..
When i did, he shouted weeeee because of glee!!!
What can i say? When you are a dad and a mom,
you practically play every part of parenthood!!

I was surprised when my son hugged me , Kiss me in the forehead and greeted me “Happy Fathers Day, Inay” Some thing I was not expecting actually. Then when I watched TV and saw the Philippine Star News, that was when I realized, Fathers Day is actually today. I thought It already passed. Every Mothers Day and every Fathers Day, my son would greet me, with hugs and a kiss in the forehead. Last week he did not. I thought he just forgot. Little did I know that it was me who got the wrong date. I am glad he did not forget.
For all the fathers out there;

you deserve a hug from your kids!!!!


chubskulit said...

Napapaiyak ako dito sa post mo ate She... I admire your perseverance and motherly love for singly raining Vincent. May God bless you with so much strength and healthy life for you and your son's happiness!

john said...

Happy father's day to you. Thanks for the greetings here..

CENS WORLD said...

Hello Rose. thank you for visiting me. It has been awhile. Well, thats what we parents do, right? I persevere for our children.

Thank you so much and always take care.


CENS WORLD said...

Hello John. Thank you for visiting me and Happy Fathers' Day again!