Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Few days ago, I was on my way to work. Half past midnight and there were still no sign of passenger jeepney. As a last resort, I have to get a taxi cab so I could make it in time for my work. I did got a taxi and at first I felt fine because the driver was not moonlighting in his driving. In fact he was fast. Well, I was in a hurry so I did not complain. But then, when we reached the intersection of Araneta Road and A. Bonifacio Road, traffic lights went red. The driver were going too fast that before we realized it, we were already in the mid of the intersection. Needless to say, because traffic light turned red on our direction, it would go Green to the other direction. Hence, vehicles from our left and our right side were already on motion- pretty fast actually. I was surprised by the sudden predicament we were in. When I looked at the side-window where I was seated, I saw a private vehicle approaching my direction—fast! I became speechless, I knew my eyes grew wide. It is not being late that worries me now. It is how I could get away from this predicament. The taxi driver seemed to have awaken from a slumber that when he realized we were in the middle of the intersection road and he went from fast to slow, stepped into the accelerator. After that, the taxi went so fast I could have sworn we were literally flying. When we went passed the intersection road, I said “I am in a hurry but not that kind of a hurry” That was when I realized, the driver was drunk.

The same day, after my work, I was scheduled to meet Vincent. We were scheduled to do our regular grocery day and I planned to give him a food-treat. It is his birthday, you see! I travelled via LRT. Approaching Doroteo Jose station, the passengers, and myself as well, smelled like a wire burning. As we reached Doroteo Jose station, the burning smell went so strong that the passengers who were seated stood up. We do not know what was happening. The first thing on our mind was to get out of the train. The door opened, actually, and the people panicked. Each making an effort to reach the door and get out. It was like a stampede. I felt my body being swayed by the crowd. The first thing on my mind was that I have to be in time. Vincent is waiting for me. I had never been late in my appointment with my son, never! This is not going to be the first time. When people went into panicked, my mind raced. Are we going out of this? I am not going to go this way. I do not want my son waiting and after wards knowing I went and would not come back any more. I could imagine him waiting for me. Perhaps he would be worried. What if something happen to me here..now!! All hells loose but I refuse to go this way…stampede or not!!! Security personnel went out. LRT people going back and forth to fix the issue while all the passengers got off from the train. We waited as they fixed the problem then as soon as every issue had been cleared, we were allowed to go back inside the train and they resumed to normal operation. After that, the passengers were talking among themselves. What happened? That was the million dollar question. I did not know really but I was already able to breath after that!!!

While eating that day..i went back to the things that happened to me that day. Hard packed action-I say! Not something that would happen every day. Was it not a number of weeks when I had a slim escape from a different accident? I just smiled to my self. My life is not really boring, you see!! I cheated death twice today…twice in one row!!

My son asked me when he saw me smile..why all the smile? You seemed to be thinking of something..I simply told him…It is nothing son.. Maybe later I could tell you a story… and hey.. I love you. Happy Birthday..


Leslie Ann said...

what a day mommy she!

CENS WORLD said...

Hello Leslie..thank you for visiting my blog.

You are correct, what a day it was!