Sunday, July 25, 2010

How is our brain?

I could not really say I am too old. However,  I had been experiencing forgetfulness. I had been asking my self, what could be the reason for such? Are you on the same predicament?

As some of my virtual colleagues had known, I had been in a call center industry for years. One of my supervisors had noted that a night being awake can pop out one of our cells. The cell affected has something to do with our memory. Honestly, I can not attest to the veracity of the word. However, I could not help but to think that maybe there is a shed of truth in it.

Our brain is one of the important facet of our body.  Every cell in our body reports to our brain. The senses acquired by the main sensory organs of our body is reported to the brain. Every movement in the smallest fiber in our body is connected to our brain. Above all, a sound disposition would require a fully functional brain. If compared to a computer, the brain is the mother board. Remove the mother board. Surely you will have no computer. 

I suppose the main question here is that, how do we take care of our brain? Let us go with the basics for now.

One significant step is to keep our brain busy. Challenge your self. Indulge to activities that would require you to think. Read books as well. Eat healthy foods. There are a lot of things that we could do in order to take care of our brain. We will go over to each of them on the next succeeding post. 

Hope I will be speaking this subject with you, on my next posts.

The picture came from DavidJParnell .

Always take care. 



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