Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome, Jacque

The recent member of my friends list is Jacque.  Her blog is Behind the Scene. Upon visiting her site, it projects the creative mind of a blogger. Artistic as her taste is, the blending and colors complements the whole picturesque of  her site.

Thank you Jacque for being a member of my friends list. I hope you do not mind, I took the liberty to posting your picture as well.


cuej said...

Thank you miss cen for the admiration, and I do appreciate it much. A big pleasure to me posting my pic and my blog at your blog site. Thank you very much, I am much overwhelmed.

Thank you for visiting my sight too.

Cens World said...

Hi cuej. I am pleased and overwhelmed that you chose to be a member of my friends list. This is just a simple way of saying "Thank you very much".

Have a great day:)