Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hopes For Filipino People

Yesterday, Noynoy Aquino had taken his oath as the 15th President of the Philippines. I was not able to watch the oath taking. However, basing on the glimpse and glances from the news, it is apparent that the Filipino people has high hopes that the new government will improve the lives of the Filipinos, especially those who are on the poverty level of the society.

The most that I could do is to read the statement of the president. I was not really able to watch the television that day. I would have to say that I honestly have nothing to say regarding the speech of Pres. Aquino. It is too early to speak. I know, though, that he will be facing a lot of problems ahead of him. I know, too, that no matter who seats in Malacanang, he will have his share of detractors along the way. Just wait after the honeymoon stage of his term. I think every president had had their share of bitter moments and countless criticism.

That said, it have nothing to say. I do have one thing in mind. When I heard a commentator mentioned that Filipinos have high hopes that our lives will progress from hereon because of the promise of the president, I can not help but to take a glimpse on the television screen.

Do not get me wrong. I am not saying that it is incorrect to have hope. However, our lives and our progress in terms of economic standing in the society is not necessarily, entirely dependent on the president. Yes, he should do his share. However, it is us, as individual who will improve the economic status of our lives. If we will not work hard, if we will maintain the crab mentality, manana habit and lack of discipline, I do not think that even Noynoy Aquino could help the Filipino people.

The change should begin with us. We are responsible for our selves and our lives. We can not say that it is up to the government to improve our lives. We have to do our share. We have to work hard. We must work smartly. Because unless we do, no president could help us.

Just a thought, an opinion, my friend.

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