Monday, July 12, 2010

Why is it Difficult to Stop Smoking?

Smoking has caused cancer and various terminal illnesses. It can be expensive because you have to support your vice on a regular basis. Because of this, cigarette becomes a  part of  our regular expense.

If you will really think about it, smoking is a hazard in every way. It gives us bad breath. It leaves a strong unpleasant odor in our clothes. It is not easy in our budget. It makes us its slave when we crave for it. It gives us cancer. With all of these, why is it difficult to stop the habit? Why do we still crave?

We know that cigarette contains nicotine. And I also mentioned in my previous post the description of the word. Merriam Webster defined nicotine as “a poisonous and addictive substance in tobacco that is used as an insecticide.”

Given the effects of nicotine to our health, let us talk about the reason why it is so difficult to drop it…..permanently. You see, one cigarette contains 10 milligrams of nicotine. Once we smoke, at least one or two milligrams are inhaled in our system. Nicotine then mixes up with our bloodstream. After which, it finds its way to our brain. From the brain, it secretes dopamine. A dopamine is a substance that produces gratifying sensation.

The release of dopamine makes the smokers  feel gratification on each stick of cigarette inhaled. This arises the tendency to go back for more. The problem is that in order to get a certain level of euphoria, you would have to inhale more.

On top of dopamine, cigarette works as anti-depressant as well.  The effect is only temporary though. This is the reason why smokers have the urge to grab a cigarette under a stressful situation.

The release of dopamine is one of the major reasons why it is difficult to quit smoking. There are many more.  Despite the gratifying euphoria, the fact remains that smoking is and will always be bad for our health.

I hope I am able to share something with you today.

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