Monday, July 19, 2010

Typhoon Basyang aka Concon

I am not sure if it was Monday or Tuesday night when the storm came here in the Philippine. If I am not mistaken the storm was named "Basyang" aka Conson. I remembered waking up at 4:00am. I could feel the strong winds outside the window. I could feel the strong rain as well.  Or was it just the wind? I could not really tell. Every thing was dark. I tried to step into my sons' room. I was surprised that my son was already awake. He said there was a black out. Thinking that the electricity would be back in no time, I did not give it much thought. I went back to bed because there was nothing I could do anyway. I could not even go down to the first floor of our house because every thing was dark. 

I woke up at 6:00am. I immediately sat on my bed. I thought I over slept. But then, my surrounding was still very dark. It was as if it was still 4:00am. I thought the sky was too dark for 6:00 in the morning. But then, I remembered, there was a storm. As my feet touched the floor, I realized there were still no electricity. It started to worry me. 

I went downstairs. My sibling told me that it was a black out in the whole street. I thought It was only our Street that was affected. I thought maybe because of the storm that night. That morning I went out. As I walked in the streets, some establishment were not open that day. There was no electricity even on the main road. It was on the latter part of that day when I learned that the electric failure had affected not only our vicinity but a significant part of Luzon. My sister in law told me then that it would take at least four days in order to fully resolve the issue.

You know, the storm was only less than a day. In fact, there was no flood in our area. However, what struck me was the black out. The storm had been long gone, but the black out still lingers around.

But then, do you know that as per Phil Star, the total damage caused by the typhoon in the Philippine territory had caused P73.4Million in Agriculture and P144.60 in Infrastructure. Just imagine the businesses that were not able to operate especially during the black out days? How much were lost from these businesses on that day?

How about you, what happened to you during the storm Basyang aka Conson?

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kimmy said...

that typhoon really was awful considering that the electricity took so much time before it finally came back. fortunately, my family was not affected by it and for that i am so thankful..thanks for dropping by!