Friday, July 30, 2010

I Dreamt a Dream

The other day I had this dream. Dream that I could not really understand. I can not find the logic. But then, how can we really find logic in dreams, right?

It is normal for me to dream about my work. When I was in the finance department of EEI Corporation, i dreamt about my vouchers. When I was in the call center as an agent, I dreamt i was troubleshooting a customers' computer. When I became I Quality Assurance Analyst, I dreamt my  scoring form. I was going over each line item and I was analyzing a call. That said, i suppose it is not a surprise if  I dreamt about some of the topics I wrote. I do not know why is that. That is just me.

Anyways, I came across a home improvement software while writing about a given subject. When I slept that night, i saw the features of this software. Of course, the context is accorded to my own specifications. Hey, it was my dream. Had you experience dreaming wherein you are an observer? You are not part of the dream. You are in the distance observing the dream. I had a number of dreams like that. On my case, some one was with me every time I dream like that. Some one was actually talking to me while I was seeing the events in my dream. Sometimes the voice was explaining to me what was happening. But I do not know who that voice was. No hint and no idea. And I did not bother to know. The thing with me is that I still remember my dream even when I wake up. 

On this particular dream, the software consists of squares separated by spaces. Each square has a visual door. When I entered one door, i saw a memory in the past. I felt the pain stabbed my heart. I could vividly feel that kind of pain when I am awake. There was no need to open the other squares. They were too many. This voice just showed me that  these squares existed. That they are there.  Then the voice told me " They happened because they must happen. It could be very painful but there was a purpose why it happened to you. It was designed to work for you. To make you a better being".

That was it. I woke up. As I said, I usually remember my dream. I still felt the stabbing pain. Or the memory of it.  Maybe the voice was the subconscious part of me? I do not know. Let us put those idealistic wisdom out of  the window for now, shall we? Here is what I can not comprehend.

That voice said "bad things happen in order to make me better".  I am on my mid life now. I know for a fact that pain and bad experiences never go away. When I was younger, I used to say time heals all wound. But as I grow older, i realized they never really go away. We just have to know how to deal and live with it. We have to roll, so to speak. But the pain, or the memory of pain, is embedded in our hearts. The memory will never go away.  It leaves a scar. And the scar will never disappear. That is just how life is.

Hence, bad experiences stays, and the pain becomes part of us, we just learned to deal with it, how can that make us a better person?

Is it because we learn to live and accept that life is not really as good as some say it is? I do not know. But you know what? I just realized it now while I was putting in words that dream of mine. Maybe being a better person does not necessarily mean we can not feel the pain anymore. Maybe....

What do you think?

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anney said...

Marami akong mga weird dreams at kapag nakakatakot ang dream ko e gusto ko gumising pinipilit ko talaga dumilat kasi alam ko panaginip lang yun. madalas din sa panaginip may kasama akong mga celebrities. lol!

kimmy said...

According to the theorists, dreams are the SUBCONSCIOUS part of our minds and are therefore connected to our consciousness. And if we think deeper about our dreams, then we will see the connection of our dreams to our conscious lives. Nice post!

Cens World said...

Hi Anney. Speaking of dreams...oh, had a handful. Pero konti lang naman ang mga nakaka takot na panaginip. Hay naku, iyon ang ayoko..lalo na ang bangungot. But they, with celebrities. Why not? :) If I will be dreaming of a celebrity, i might want to dream of Jensen Ackles :)

Hey, thanks for the comment and thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Have a great week, Anney

Cens World said...

Hi Kimmy. I could have sworn I read an article along that context. It actually makes sense if we will really think about the logic of it. However, people sometimes tend to overlook it, or put it aside. During our waking hours, it is the motions of life we focused into. After all, these motions are real. And dreams are just dreams.Or is it?

Thank you for visiting my humble abode. Have a great week and take care.

cuej said...

wow! i do dream to some came true..some are just dream too.. only thing i can say is WOW!

..about that voice.. just remember it was just a may be a warning for us on how deal life's pressure but it doesn't mean that u need to focus on it..We have God up their who is all knowing..who sees us in everything we do, either were asleep or awake..AND ALL THINGS SHALL COME TO PASS. bad experience will stay if we let it stay.. God said: Their is NEW EVERY MORNING.

God bless you more miss cen -_- ...

Cens World said...

Hi Cuej, how are you doing?

Thank you, apparently you did read the post. You mentioned about the voice. As said in the post, I think it is my SUBCONSCIOUS mind. That is the only rational explanation. I would have to disagree though that it is a warning. Warning pertains to future situations. The boxes contained therein were my past. It was just a message, an interesting message that I wished to share with everyone. That is all there is to it.

You must be referring to the boxes and the corresponding pain it pertains when you mentioned about not focusing on pressure. Do not worry, nobody is focusing on pressure here  I am NOT referring to life’s pressure when I said “pains in the past”. They are bad experiences. It is different from life’s pressure. And I think anybody could talk about it and be analytical about it without getting swayed. Talking about it does not mean we are allowing it to stay. That is why we learn to deal with pain. That is part of life.

I am sorry but I am not religious. We have our own perception about religion and God. I respect the opinion of other people about religion. But as for me, as I said, I am not religious.

Thank you for your visit to my humble abode.

mom earn online said...

Haha, I've had tons of weird dreams before that kept me thinking for a while. But one of the funniest is when I dream I was superman. But the funny thing is, I was a coward version of superman. I kept running and flying away so that the vampires and "aswang" won't catch me. lol