Friday, July 16, 2010

Tips on How to Quit Smoking

I wrote about the Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking. I also wrote about The Reasons Why It is Difficult to Quit Smoking. Let us now talk about the tips on how you could start quitting. Smoking is addictive. Hence, it is advisable to take it one step at a time. 

Fist thing to work on is your motivation. Even in losing weight, motivation is very important. This is going to be your driving force to continue especially during the craving moment. So, why do you want to stop smoking? Maybe because of health reasons. You do not want to have lung cancer. Just imagine the limitations once you acquire lung cancer. Or maybe, you are tired of unpleasant odor in your finger tips, in your hair or even your breath. Or maybe because it is becoming heavy to your budget. What ever the reason, make sure you can hold on to it with your firm grip. You will definitely be needing that during craving times.

Keep away from temptation, so they say. Therefore, remove your lighter, match, cigarette pack. Anything associated with smoking should be a hundred miles away from you. It is better if you will also avoid possible scenarios that would eventually tempt you to smoke, again.

Know what triggers your craving. Do you have the persistent craving to hit one stick after a meal? When you are stressed-out? When you want to relax? When you are watching TV? What are the instances that arouses your craving? Knowing what triggers your addiction could help you determine how to lessen the instances of those triggering moments.

Make an alternative. You can go with chewing gum. You know, maybe I could consider myself  lucky. I used to smoke. However, I am able to rid of smoking in cold turkey. Maybe because I was not your traditional  smoker. I did smoke and there was occasional cravings. My trigger was when I was stressed-out. The last time I hit a stick was 10 years ago. My son was ten or eleven years old then. Never had one ever since I stopped. Never went through withdrawals. Never back slide, even once.  How did it happen? I will tell you about it on my future post. Perhaps on my next post. I can tell you now that one of the alternatives I used was coffee. An alternative may not be good enough but it would do rather than nothing at all. 

Create an activity for yourself. Be busy. Cravings will be on its peak on the first weeks of quitting. On this stage, cravings will come pretty strong. You must be firm. The problem with cravings is that the more you say "No", the more it tempts you. Divert your thoughts. Enroll in a gym. If and when you have the cravings, go to the gym and work out. Have a hobby. Associate with a non smoker group. Talk to some one. Do something. Do not just allow the craving to get to you.

Some say that you should have a schedule. The problem with a schedule is that if you backslide, the effect is more damaging. This is  especially when you are almost near your target date and you back slide. Target date can be stressful. You will be expecting that at this point, you had already achieved up to a certain level of improvement. If you feel you had not, it could be very frustrating.  Also, once you reached the target date and you back slide after wards, the feeling of failure can be over whelming.

However, it depends on a person really. If a target date works for you, i say go for it. For me, i think focus on small results matters. Do it one step at a time. Until the time when you can finally stand on your own. Until you reach the time when you do not crave anymore. If you stumble, no pressure. Stand up. Gather yourself and start again. If it takes forever, so be it. Make it your personal battle to stop smoking. I think that is more effective.

There are more ways to stop smoking. I hope you are able to pick one or two from this post. Remember that it does not matter how many times you stumble. What matters is how many times you stand up. Never, never give up.  If I may repeat, giving up is NEVER an option.

Have a great day every one and always take care.

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